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'Humanity carves its memory, its glory and its failures in stone'

13 Mar 2020

Stone is more than just the culmination of its physical characteristics. Each piece has a life and an energy that sparks conversations, memories and emotions. Polycor reflect on the future of stone.

'When I think of all the history behind it, sometimes I get dizzy,' says Polycor President Patrick Perus, 'Humanity carves its memory, its glory and its failures in stone.'

For centuries, architects and builders have used natural stone, and the future looks no different. The building industry is swiftly moving back to natural materials for their minimal environmental impact – stone is the original organic building material. As the world starts to move towards more sustainable models of development, Polycor believes the stone industry needs to mindfully manage minimal intrusions, ensuring quality stone can be provided for the generations to come.

They are renowned for their natural stones—granite, limestone, marble and soapstone—and the values of honesty and integrity from which these are sourced. As one of the world’s largest stone quarrier they feel the responsibility to demonstrate the highest ethical standards and practices in the stone industry—sourcing, labour, production, and technology.

In a global marketplace where origins are unclear and many claims are unverified, brands, professionals and the general public are demanding  more ‘honest’ materials and controlled supply chains. There is also a remerging desire and respect for craft. Natural stone slabs are a culmination of the hands and hard work of the craftsman and quarriers who made them. Polycor’s belief in sustainability and combining craft with advanced technology is allowing them to breathe new life into natural stone as a building material.

'People don’t see the stone industry as creative and innovative,' said Perus. 'What we like to do at Polycor is surprise people. Be innovative, be creative, be the opposite of what people think about the stone industry.'

Polycor are the headline sponsor of The New Stone Age exhibition, and are delighted to help the industry come together and encourage people to fall in love with natural stone…again.


About Polycor

Founded in Québec City, Canada in 1987, Polycor Inc. is the world's largest natural stone quarrier with more than 50 quarries, 18 manufacturing plants across Europe and North America, and a worldwide team of more than 1,200 employees.


© Polycor


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